Cork Jazz Weekend 2015


Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise.

Probably my favourite time of the year is of course, Corks famous Jazz Weekend. 4 days of pure music, alcohol and serious craic.

The Cork Jazz Festival is an annual music festival held in Cork City every year since 1978. The festival is Ireland’s biggest jazz event and attracts hundreds of musicians and thousands of music fans to the city each year. 

The Cork Jazz was founded by the manager of The Metropole Hotel in 1978, just one bank holiday weekend he decided to have a weekend of Jazz, which then appealed to so many people, thus the Jazz Weekend was born and has been ongoing ever since. I still haven’t been to a gig in the Metropole during the Jazz Weekend but next year I must!


This year was just amazing, as in I would 100% relive it again. On the Friday, I went out with a few cousins of mine. We went to the Oliver Plunkett, which really never fails to have good music. As i was fairly intoxicated I can’t remember much, but all I know is that the atmosphere was immense and we met so many people that travelled over just for the Jazz.

The Saturday then was also brilliant but the night was a let down for me, probably because I was hungover to fuck! I went out early that day and went to see a band that my brother and I see every year called ‘One Horse Pony’, a very bluesy band. We went to see them in a pub called ‘Sin É’ which is rather small so the gig itself was way more intense and personal as the members of the band were able to engage with us more. It was extremely enjoyable and as always they never fail to entertain me. If you’ve never seen them check them out on Youtube and try to go see them, their so passionate even in the way they play its amazing and also they’re probably the happiest people ever!!

Saturday night then, I was absolutely exchausted as I’ve practically been living in town. So a couple of my friends and I went to quite a few places and of course retreated back to the Oliver Plunkett. We actually saw Rob Strong from the Commitments, he was unreal! It was so packed and busy I couldn’t even breathe, but it was still enjoyable enough although we got home fairly early.

Sunday is probably the best night to go out for the Jazz! It was the BEST night for me and my friends anyways! We went to the Thomand Bar to see a really jazzy band called the Swing Cats (extremely hot pianist) They were really good and just made us all dance and sing. We also made great friends with some British and Canadian people out the front and sat and laughed with them for the night, it was hilarious.. such a good night! We all kept trying to harmonize with the song Barbara Ann. When I looked at my snapchat story the next day I actually couldn’t stop laughing! Then of course we retreated back to the Oliver Plunkett until about 3 o’ clock! I can’t remember much of being in the Oliver Plunkett though haha! The only problem with going out on the Sunday is that we spent like an hour trying to find a taxi home, not even exaggerating we had to walk halfway home at like half 4 in the morning to get a taxi, plus it was raining! I have never seen town so busy, there was litreally like thousands of people just on the streets looking for taxi’s too. We were incredibly lucky to get a taxi to be honest, it was scary!

My hangover was way way to bad to go out on the Monday, as in its Thursday now and I still feel dead from the weekend! Anyone coming to Cork on a holiday or anything NEEDS to experience how good the Jazz Weekend is, like I can’t stress enough how good it is! This time last year, I could not wait for this years jazz weekend and now I can’t wait until next years Jazz haha!

Hope you enjoyed my post, I’ll link ye to a few acts that I saw over the weekend!

url    Goodbye! Hope you keep reading my blog x

Belated Birthday Wishes to the famous Working Class Hero

url   09/10/1940 – 08/12/1980

So sorry I haven’t been posting recently, I’ve been extremely busy this week with school and it was my birthday on Thursday! My friends and I were busy celebrating all weekend so I didn’t even get time to make a post dedicated to the amazing John Lennon as it would also of been his birthday on Friday, the 9th of October, so this is where I am now.

John Lennon would of turned 75 year old. Imagine how he would be? I can’t even imagine him being 75! I saw a really creepy picture though that someone photoshopped to see what Lennon would look like if he was still alive today. url-1  I had to share because i thought it was scary!

Right now I am listening to Lennon’s song “Love”, which is really simple and beautiful and if you’ve never heard it, listen to it!

Love is real, real is love
Love is feeling, feeling love
Love is wanting to be loved

I want to tell you what John Lennon means to me. Well, of course he was one of the first main influences on my music life. Hearing of Lennon, made me discover The Beatles, my favourite band of all time! Lennon’s lyrics mean a lot to me, they’re beautiful, poetry – he was truely a genius. He is probably my favourite Beatle. (and George) One of my favourite Lennon songs is probably ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ or ‘Jealous Guy’, I don’t know really what is my favourite, I love them all really.

What amazes me about John Lennon is his personality, his humour, his entire character. He was a jokester, I love watching documentaries about him because he just seemed like such fun or something you know, so cute.

I’m going to leave you with a few of my favourite pictures/quotes by John Lennon and this message for him:

Happy Birthday to the most inspirational and amazing genius who has walked this Earth. Lennon was an inspiration to all, and will always have a special place in my heart. This legend and his music has lived on for generations and will continue too, forever. Love you John Lennon, rest in peace ❤



“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”

url-4 url-3

url-2 “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted”

“reality leaves a alot to the imagination”

url-6 url-5

Yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun.

“Living is easy with eyes closed, Misunderstanding all you see”


Thank you for reading , I hope you follow my blog!

I promise I will post more!

Goodnight all,



Fear Of Failure

Many of us have experienced the fear of failing at least once or twice in our lives, whether it may be a driving test, delivering a speech or whatever. But the fear of failure is something more deeper than that. The fear of failure is when we allow that fear to overcome us and hinder us from moving forward and our achieving goals which are of course achievable. 

I for one can admit that I do have this problem. I know it is ridiculously negative and I do try my best to stay positive at all times, but sometimes I just get overthrown by the power of that fear that I won’t even bother trying anymore. It’s a tragedy really. I know everyone’s good at different things but I just feel inferior to my friends who do achieve their goals always. It is a horrible feeling, feeling little but then again am I just lazy? Do I really care?

There are many causes of the fear of failure. I think that clinging on to the past is a huge factor.  So many people nowadays are haunted by there past, especially people that have failed at something before. For example, let’s say a girl failed her driving test once but it now to afraid to try again because in her mind she is going to fail. That is a huge problem. You can’t go through your whole life living in fear , it’s just not natural, it’s unfair, it’s awful and it creates tremendous stress and anxiety for people.

What do I think you and I should change?

( First of all I wouldn’t say my fear of failure has taken over my life or anything because I do take risks nd i do get over it and move on, just to clarify. )

I think that we should have more faith in our ability and appreciate what we can do, think about it we are all unique human beings with different talents, whether it be music, dance, art, sport or whatever, being the best isn’t everything. Enjoying yourself is key, don’t concern yourself with others just live in the moment be happy and tell yourself that you are good at what you do. 
Goodnight all,



Music is your only friend, until the end.

Who inspires you? What inspired you? What is your purpose here? What is the point of life of we’re all gonna copy each other anyway? Who influences you? Why do things influence us?
To be honest, I dont know.. But I do know that, from an early age my brother has always influenced me, he still does today. He is one of the greatest and most interesting human beings. He was the one that influenced me to play guitar which lead to my discovery of my happy place, my place of peace and complete and utter euphoria – which of course is music. Music is a huge part of who I am, I know i probably annoy so many people when I find new songs/artists “listen to this! Listen to this! Listen to this!!” . I felt like writing a post about my thoughts on music and what music means to me. Music is my escape from reality, although I am constantly listening in my mind, what even is reality?

I thought for this post I would post about my music inspirations and hope that you would agree with me. In my opinion, musicians are just geniuses, they are. They are the most creative and inspiring people. (Im not saying just musicians are these things I love non-musicians too oviously, ye are great) Take for instance Bob Dylan, already you’re thinking, oh he can’t sing, why does everyone like him he is just a 4 chord man with a harmonica. WRONG! Did you ever listen to what he is saying in his songs?! He is a poet an absolute genius, his words are breath taking, relatable and contain so much dept of emotions. Dylan has written the most famous protest songs, see what we have here? Songs with meaning, perception, real life thoughts? Unlike the shit that is put out today , so please even if you don’t like Dylan, at least appreciate him.


The answer is blowing in the wind

The first band I listened to that really gave me that enlightenment that I needed was of course The Beatles, the fab four from Liverpool, which is probably my favourite place to visit now! I got into The Beatles a good few years back, mainly because of aunt and my cousin and because we learned Yellow Submarine in primary school. I can still remember one of the first Beatles songs i encountered was Here Comes The Sun, George Harrison fabulous uplifting beauty just made me instantly fall in love. I could not fault The Beatles in any way because my love for them and their music is so so strong. They are truely my biggest inspiration and my all time favourite band. I understand that people think most of their stuff is very farfetched but its just the music, the way they do it , its so musically brilliant and then their lyrics so remarkable, so inspriational, so intelligent!! For example, ‘Something’ – the greatest love song ever written, could you imagine Pattie Boyd when she heard that song for the first time? I don’t think I would be able to continue living if someone wrote that song for me. It is the most romantic song ever , the guitar riff is so calm and beautiful and the words are incredible. From Sgt. Pepper to Abbey Road to Rubber Soul to Revolver to any Beatles album, every song is unique and contains alot of sentiment which I cant even descibe in words how I feel about that. I really cant continue abouy the Beatles or else Im litreally going to write for hours and don’t want to lose you jus


t y




Anytime you feel the pain, Hey Jude refrain, don’t carry the world upon your shoulders.


I promise I’m nearly done ranting.. just one more hehe. Another band that inspires me are The Doors of course as you’ve seen my previous pictures of Jim Morrison the beauty. Morrison actually just intrigues me so much, he is just so interesting. I know most people couldn’t ‘handle’ him but still he was a genius a crazy genius. He also is a poet. His words inspire me, they inspire me to write .. poems/songs/ even this post. He also reminds me that you don’t need to be able to play an instrument to be a musician. Im not blessed with a voice like him but remember words are most powerful than anything. The pen is mightier than the sword. I first heard of The Doors when I began learning the guitar. My brother used to have music magazines which had tabs in them and pictures and stuff and that is the first time I’ve ever come across Morrison. I can see the picture so vividly, him dressed in his leather pants and his long hair looking lile a rockstar. Here is where I also heard of the 27 club and was broke  hearted when I realised this angel wasnt on earth anymore. I started listening to The Doors sometime after that and fell in love with Morrisons lyrics. I still have to buy his poetry book oh my god!!


When the musics over, turn out the lights, turn out the lights

I actually have way to many musical inspirations such as Simon and Garfunkel ; The Beach Boys ; Neil Young and sooo many more oh god way to many more people to write about, but I suppose I’ll keep that for a rainy day. I’d love feedback from you if you even came this far in my post, what inspires you? Tell me about your experiences , your inspirations? It doesnt have to be music of course, alot of my other inspirations come from books and just life in general.
I hope you enjoy my blog


Lazing on a not so sunny afternoon

As you may have guessed from my previous post, I am from Ireland and Ireland’s weather is actually the bane of my life. I can see why it’s so green, it litreally hasn’t stopped raining in ages! It’s awful! Basically, I had the most unproductive day of my life! Unproductive days are good in my opinion and are extremely essential. Although, most people watch movies or shows and just balm for the day, but no joke I have litreally been sitting in the same position in bed since I woke up and have been listening to the EP i got yesterday on repeat!! It is actually madness if you think about it cause there’s only 6 songs on it haha. Oh well, when you like something you like something. That’s the basis of my life anyway. As a music enthuasiast (I’m never sure if I spell that right shh) I always want to experience more music, new genres etc etc, so if any of ye have any suggestions please leave a comment below 🙂
Might aswell give ye an insight, I love 60s/70s/80s rock ‘n’ roll/blues/folk, a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to music. I’m a strong believer in mutualism so I would recommend you to listen to these albums:
Strange Days – The Doors
Rubber Soul – The Beatles
Abbey Road – The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper – The Beatles
The Doors – The Doors
Hotel California – The Eagles
Pet Sounds – The Beach Boys
Kinda Kinks – The Kinks
Freewheelin’ – Bob Dylan
Highway 65 Revisited – Bob Dylan
Sound of Silence – Simon & Garfunkel
Bookends – Simon & Garfunkel

Woooah I went a bit overboard there but I hope you’ll listen to one at least haha 🙂 At the moment, Strange Days is my top album to listen to, it’s just so good! Jim Morrison was such a beautiful poet really. God, So unfortunate that he had to leave this earth so early. He is probably one of my biggest inspirations, if you like him read his poetry book, apparently its breath-taking (i still badly need to get it). Actually, I was reading about The Doors the other day online, and I found out why they’re called the Doors. It was really interesting actually! Morrison took it from a famous quote by the poet William Blake..

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is – infinite.

I feel that this is a wonderful quote, extremely true also. Peoples perceptions and thoughts are an enigma to all really. Anyways, I went away to town a few days ago and was in Vibes and Scribes and saw a book by Aldous Huxley called The Doors Of Perception, and of course I bought it and I am reading it now! It is really interesting so far, it is a true account of Huxleys experiences with mescalin (if you haven’t heard of it, it’s a very dangerous hallucinagenic drug that comes from a specific cactus, weird isn’t it?? ). So far it consists of very vivid descriptions of what Huxley saw whilst on the drug, quite beautiful actually. I will definatley tell you more about it when I’m finished the book 🙂

Have a good day I hope you enjoy reading my blog, I am new to this so if any of ye have any advice for me I would be delighted!

Stay beautiful
Peace&Love ♡

Flashing Lights

Hey guys, hope you are all feeling great you beautiful people. I probably had the greatest weekend in a long time, I don’t know it was just spontaneous or something.. loving it. It was Culture Night in Cork on Friday so my buds and I went into town for some live music. I tell you these local Cork acts don’t get enough praise for their excellence. I swear they are inspiring!! We saw an AMAZING blues/rocky band of youngsters and they litreally blew me away. You know that feeling when you hear something that appeals to your ear so much you just feel like you need to listen for the rest of your life. No greater feeling in my opinion, probably the greatest form of satisfaction! Soo.. now I have their EP hehe. People probably think I’m insane/creepy but I don’t know man, music just makes sense to me. Musicians are poets. All musicians are so unique in their own way and it just intrigues me so much. I love the sound of guitars, electric and acoustic. Crazy licks and solos, really after getting into slide guitar recently actually its so wow it just amazes me or something. I should really practice my guitar more, I feel like I’ve let it down a bit. You know what I committed to this blog so I will practice more because its a big huge part of who I am.

Thank you whoever is reading this

God I hope I’m not talking to myself and someone is reading…
Oh well,

Goodnight x


I feel like this pic of Jim Morrison is relevant right now.. don’t question.. just look at his beauty.
Rip Jim ♥♥

Be the change you wish to see in the world

rip summer 2015

I’m going to see 10cc tomorrow!! Wahoooooo! What a great way to close the summer. I’ve been having a lot of nightmares recently, about the future.. I’ve never realized that this year is kinda my final year of youth. I’m turning 18 in 6 weeks and I’m finishing school in June. Where did the time actually go? It feels like a few months ago when I was sitting my Junior Cert. Time is a frightening thing, but I don’t regret wasting any time, really. Well, thinking about it I probably do but I know that I shouldn’t and nobody should ponder about past decisions and just, the past in general. It is a touchy subject for me but I’m sure everything will work out for me, only if i return to school and hit the ground running of course.